03 February 2015


UPDATE: Apologies to anybody that tried to reach this event on Thursday. The venue (not the promoter) decided to pull the plug on this and all other events at The Bussey Building just moments before the start, due to the bus strike / low attendance. 

I'll be playing at the launch of a brand new, vinyl-only  night in a record store in Peckham...

DATE: Thursday 5th February
VENUE: Rye Wax, Peckham
SET TIME: Midnight

Hope to see you there. More details on FACEBOOK


I don't know much about this DJ KAPITAL chap but he's cited C.E.O's "Loud" cut from WNCL022 as his favourite track from 2014, so he obviously has good taste.

Read the whole interview HERE

24 January 2015

JUNO CHART - January 2015

My first JUNO chart of the year serves as a round up of the odds and sods from last year that I'd originally missed out on / have just caught up with, amongst the one or two fresh releases that have surfaced in 2015.


The follow up EP to Au Board De la Mer (another Cassette Library favourite) on Moomin's own Closer label kicks off with the beautifully string-heavy Time Circle. I'll be honest with you, I haven't really got past the first track yet, it's that good.


2. JAMES DUNCAN . VOICES EP (The Playground) 
Mr. Duncan originally appeared on my radar courtesy of his two deliciously sublime EP's for Real Soon. He's had a few tracks featured on compilation EPs here and there in recent years, but this looks to be his first complete release for some time. The admin clerks at the Library are biting their lips at the lack of titles and  choosing to ignore the fact that another 2 track 12" single describes itself as an EP because this is a special record. I couldn't tell you why this is special. But it is.


If we're to believe the press release, the title is referring to Children of the Earth, which is, of course, what we all naturally assumed, right? The South London Mix on the A side takes the beats from  Public Enemy's Security of the First World, the rave stabs from Wildchild's Bring It On Down (Distorted Dub), some rallying crys from the aformentioned P.E's Professor Griff and throws in an air raid siren for good measure. So, all of my favourite things then. Nice touch with the Strictly Underground label design pastiche too...


I don't know anything about this record. There are no titles for any of the tracks - a bugbear of mine which I am prepared to overlook in light of the insanity dwelling on Track 3. The ramshackle, almost-falling-to-pieces relentless tribal chanting means this one goes straight in to the record bag.


5. STRANGER . IN MOSCOW EP (Self Reflektion)
Another new name to me. I'm heading straight for track 2, Learning Curve, a bleep-heavy techno tool track that, on the face of it, is really just another bleep-heavy techno tool track. Luckily, I really like bleep-heavy techno tool tracks.


I recall getting a little over excited after hearing Dance's Ha track in a dark, sweaty basement in Cardiff a few years back. I played on the same bill as DANCE (aka Sam Purcell) for Cabin at the Rhythym Factory last year and proceeded to, no doubt, bore him to death about my long and arduous search for said record. Anyway, he's back on his own label with another killer. More relentless chanting on the winning A side.


7. DJ FORD FOSTER . GOLD CANS EP (Unknown to the Unknown)
I still need some time to get to grips with the rest of this EP (5 tracks on this vinyl - at last, a proper Extended Play!) because, once again, I can't get past the first track. Cranky, loopy funk that's great fun to get in the mix with.


Hmmm. My powers of description are starting to wane - I'm fairly sure there are hundreds of records like this in my collection already. Still, I'm always a sucker for some good old fashioned track-work with Relief Records style alarms pushing everything along and track 3 - Panne AM - has exactly that.


9. J TIJN . ILGD / HENRY (Overlee Assembly)
This no-nonsense two tracker from occasional Librarian, J Tijn, is unsurprisingly heavy and hard. Difficult to pick a winner here - two grooves that tickle me as much as each other.


10 . BONER M . TSIU (Arts)
Our boy Tijn crops up on this release too and a fine job he does of grappling with the lead cut. I'm particularly taken with the untitled third track of the set which comes over all 'mastered to lo-fi cassette' in a Delroy Edwards style. Some giggles to be had on the last track too (also untitled)


WNCL023 - RA

'...swung almost to the point of dislocation'

Not a mere 3 out of 5, you understand. A whopping 3.2 out of 5 awarded for WNCL023 - the latest DON FROTH extended play- over at RESIDENT ADVISOR

07 January 2015

WNCL023 - DJ Mag

"There may be a lot to digest here, but it's so worth it..."

WNCL023 - DON FROTH's The Acid House Handshake EP gets the printed review treatment in this month's DJ magazine

WNCL023 - Mixtapes

A bunch of mixtapes out there right now featuring tracks from WNCL023 - DON FROTH's "The Acid House Handshake" EP...

SONIC ROUTER include "Live Notes" in the latest podcast for BLEEP

GOLDFFINCH go for the same in their mix for T.O.Y.S

PHON.O include "Tools" in their mix for UNDER MY LABEL

22 December 2014

WNCL023 - Juno Download

"...a steaming slab of 23rd Century garage..."

WNCL023 (DON FROTH's "The Acid House Handshake" EP) now available digitally and getting the review treatment at JUNO DOWNLOAD

20 December 2014

WNCL022 - BBC6

Whoops. Nearly missed this one from last month....

STUART MACONIE dropped the lead track from WNCL022 - CEO's 6 track EP - on his Freak Zone show for Radio 6 on November 23rd.

You can still catch the show HERE

16 December 2014

WNCL022 - EE

ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS, the long running, legendary podcast plays host to the equal legendary JEROME HILL, so it's a great honour to see WNCL022 (C.E.O's "Screeching") in the tracklist.

Download from SOUNDCLOUD

13 December 2014

WNCL022 - RA

"...[C.E.O] has a keener understanding than most of what makes a good groove."

C.E.O gets reviewed on RESIDENT ADVISOR this week