25 November 2014


Q: What are you going to be playing tonight?
A: Er, a...a...a broad range...

LABEL: WNCL Recordings
ARTIST: Don Froth
TITLE: The Acid House Handshake EP
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl / Digital
RELEASE DATE: 8th December / 15th December 2014

A1:A Broad Range
A2: Cosmo
A3: Dip Dive

B1: Tools
B2: Live Notes
B3: Body X JD

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23 November 2014

CABIN - Birthday Reflections

CABIN are preparing to celebrate their 1st Birthday.

This time last year, I was part of the line up for their opening night. I don't remember everything I played but have a vivid recollection of the now legendary rider (as does COOLY G).

It was also around that time that I learned that we were expecting a baby! Read all about it HERE


The ever prolific EKOPLEKZ gets his WNCL021 EP mentioned in Simon Reynold's BLISSBLOG this week.

You can also check out Mr. Plekz's recent chart for JUNO

...as well as featuring at the top slot in PERC's recent download chart for JUNO

SPATIAL - Secret Thirteen

SPATIAL supplies an ambient mix for SECRET THIRTEEN, representing DATA70 and EKOPLEKZ's recent WNCL021 EP


MYLER, follows up his insane "Gorilla Biscuits" EP for PENNYROYAL with a hard-as-nails guest mix for GROUNDED, featuring the leadcut from CEO's WNCL022 EP.

You can also hear Myler's excellent "Bad Jokes" on NO LOGO Records in my recent guest mix for SKIRMISH

08 November 2014


PHONICA RECORDS Mix Series hosts the latest WNCL mixtape. Here's what they have to say...

For the seventh Phonica Mix Series we present West Norwood Cassette Library, who has put together a special 45 minute showcase of WNCL productions and label releases including plenty of upcoming and as yet unreleased selections.  

If Bob's mix has tickled your fancy, WNCL are as busy as ever, having just put out a new Ekoplekz 12", a new Various Artists remix EP ('We Are Family Vol. 2) AND a new C.E.O 12". If that isn't enough, there's a brand new Don Froth 12" on its way too. Phew!

01. DON FROTH - A Broad Range (forthcoming WNCL023)
02. C.E.O - Crayons (WNCL022)
03. C.E.O - Spuud (WNCL022)
04. WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY - Acid Jazz (Bonus Beats) (XLR8R Download)
05. GIRLS OF THE INTERNET - Four Pints (WNCL018)
06. T. ESELLE - Garibaldi (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (forthcoming Wholemeal)
07. KEVIN McPHEE - In Circles (Kamikaze Space Programme Drum Tool) (WNCL020)
KEVIN McPHEE - TW (Dubplate)
09. C.E.O - Screeching (WNCL022)
10. MIA DORA - Freckles (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Dubplate)
DON FROTH - Body X JD (forthcoming WNCL023)
12. BROTHERS GRIMM - Exodus (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Dubplate)
DON FROTH - Tunnelvision (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Froth’n)
DON FROTH - Live Notes (forthcoming WNCL023)
15. EKOPLEKZ - Dropkone (WNCL021)

Read more over at the PHONICA BLOG
Listen to the mixtape on MIXCLOUD



05 November 2014

CEO - Unearthed Sounds Mix

C.E.O marks the release of his new EP on WNCL Recordings this week with an mixtape for record shop / distributor UNEARTHED SOUNDS.

Read all about it HERE

27 October 2014


WNCL Recordings is proud to present debutant C.E.O (Chinedu Eric Okere). Fresh out of North West London and drawing from a wide pool of influence - from his Nigerian heritage to the heady days of FWD - C.E.O presents his unique take on Techno in the form of this 6 track EP.

LABEL: WNCL Recordings
TITLE: The Major Edits EP
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl / Digital
RELEASE DATE: 27th October / 10th November 2014

A2: Kaanit
A3: Zaapp

B1: Loud
B2: Spuud
B3: Crayons

You can pick this up from the WNCL Bandcamp store. Vinyl purchases come with free mp3 downloads, discount for full digital bundle

26 October 2014

WNCL - Mixtape Round Up

It's still always a thrill to hear any WNCL output in the mix or on the radio. Big ups to the various bad-boy selectors and friends of the extended Cassette Library family, repping the latest releases from WNCL Recordings in their mixes...

AQUARIAN turns in a couple of high profile mixes this month...

KEVIN McPHEE "In Circles" (Kamikaze Space Programme's Drum Tool) from WNCL020 featured in his mix for  RESIDENT ADVISOR

WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY "Drop" (Knowing Looks Remix) from WNCL020 featured in his mix for DUMMY


DJ FOSTER, our friend from Sub FM, on guest mix duty. KEVIN McPHEE "In Circles" (Kamikaze Space Programme's Drum Tool) from WNCL020 features in his mix for the BASS MUSIC AWARDS


WARLOCK, the legend, still holding it down on KOOL FM every Tuesday.

Catch the aforementioned KNOWING LOOKS remix (WNCL020), EKOPLEKZ "Dropkone" (WNCL021) and a sneak preview of the forthcoming DON FROTH EP (WNCL023) on the show from 7th OCTOBER

You also get the chance to check CEO "Zaapp" (WNCL022), GIRLS OF THE INTERNET "Spam Folder" (WNCL018) and WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY "Get Lifted" (WNCL006) on the show from 21st OCTOBER


...and finally, our old friend Oli Marlow from SONIC ROUTER gets on a Sun Ra flex (hence the pic) and drops in EKOPLEKZ "Ekztatik" (WNCL021) as part of his latest podcast for BLEEP

11 October 2014

WNCL021 - Reviews

Latest reviews just in...

"...a collection that for the most part belongs in the club, albeit a pretty far-out one"

"...more likely to induce discomfort on a dance floor than to stir it into motion"

"...the listening experience is intense and disorientating, like wading through a murky swamp of alien wildlife"