16 October 2017

WNCL031 - Dan Curtin RA

DAN CURTIN aka PURVEYORS OF FINE FUNK charts the latest CALDERA offering (WNCL031) for RESIDENT ADVISOR this month

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14 October 2017

WNCL032 - BBC Radio 6 pt.II

TOM RAVENSCROFT showing some more love for the new TÉNÈBRE EP, dropping "Density"(around the 2h22m mark) on his stand in show for Tom Robinson on BBC RADIO 6

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13 October 2017

WNCL032 - BBC Radio 6 pt.I

TOM RAVENSCROFT closes his latest show for BBC RADIO 6 with a teaser ("Zone & Interzone") from the new TÉNÈBRE EP on WNCL Recordings

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12 October 2017

WNCL032 - Mosca NTS

MOSCA repping the forthcoming TÉNÈBRE EP ("Axe Nord-Sud") on his latest show for NTS RADIO

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09 October 2017


Territory III" should have been the next release on TÉNÈBRE's self- titled artist label. However, as soon as the promo landed, the Cassette Library went on a shameless 'beg, borrow or steal' mission and we are now proud to present WNCL032 – a mind-blowing 4 track EP that successfully blends bass, breaks and techno, peppered with tastefully positioned ambient twists in just the right measure.

LABEL: WNCL Recordings
ARTIST: Ténèbre
TITLE: "Territory III" E.P
FORMAT: 12" vinyl / digital
RELEASE DATE: 3rd November 2017

A1: Jungle Frontier
A2: Density
B1: Zone & Interzone
B2: Axe Nord-Sud


05 October 2017

LESSONS - Narc Magazine

LESSONS - the forthcoming 10th anniversary compilation on the FRONT & FOLLOW label, featuring WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY "Tom at the Library" - gets a nice review at NARC

30 September 2017


The latest BALAMII RADIO show is now available to stream on MixCloud. J TIJN vs WNCL, 2 hours, b2b, 140bpm all the way...

29 September 2017


This Saturday on BALAMII RADIO. I will be going back to back with J. TIJN for a 2 hours, 140bpm soundclash...

22 September 2017

BALAMII - 140bpm Soundclash

Coming to an online radio station near you soon...

13 September 2017

2nd SUN - Quiteus

"Their previous releases were kinda modish deep-house-teetering-on-techno, remixed by Ben Pearce and West Norwood Cassette Library if that gives you an idea.."

2nd SUN have a new 6 track cassette release on BLUE TAPES and a nice little review over at THE QUIETUS, including a blink-and-you-miss-it fleeting mention of the WNCL Remix from the duo's 2016 vinyl release for YOUNGBLOODS.

A flimsy enough excuse for me to re-plug the 12", still available on the label's Bandcamp page