25 May 2016

J TIJN - Tracks of the Day

"...his Half Empty Half Full EP for WNCL Recordings last year demonstrated a deeper side to his production, giving light to more versatility in his music..."

J TIJN selects 4 inspirational tracks over at WATCH THE HYPE this week

18 May 2016

PRMF - Mixcloud

For those of you who missed it, my set at last weekend's PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL was recorded by BALAMII RADIO and is available to stream now on MIXCLOUD

17 May 2016

PRMF - Shouts

"...The awesome sound that Junk Son created on stage and the ethereal beautifulness of Wyles & Simpson, were prefect punctuation for West Norwood Cassette Library and Mickey Pearce’s blistering sets..."

Shouts out to the PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL crew for last weekend's debut shindig. Get the lowdown HERE

14 May 2016



I'll be down there on Saturday. Come and say hello!

EVENT: Peckham Rye Music Festival
DATE: Saturday 14th May
TIME: 9-10.30pm
VENUE: Level 1, Bussey Building, Peckham Rye

12 May 2016


Last week's guest spot for Joe Robert's ECSTACY GARAGE DISCO show on MeatTransmission Radio is now available to stream on MIXCLOUD.

06 May 2016


TOMORROW (Saturday 7th May 2016)

I will be in the guest mix hot seat for the ECSTACY GARAGE DISCO show on MEATtransMISSION radio, hosted by JOE ROBERTS, from 4-6pm, playing selections from the WNCL Recordings back catalogue.

The inimitable West Norwood Cassette Library will be joining me from 4-6pm tomorrow on MEATtransMISSION radio. Longtime fan of his work, as well as the label, the West Norwood area, cassettes and libraries so it should be a corker.
Joe Roberts, E.G.D 

TUNE IN: http://www.meattransmission.com/


GLENN MIDDLEDITCH is interviewed for LET'S BE BRIEF, discussing the PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL (I'll see you at the Bussey Building on Saturday 14th May) - also dropping in a nice little plug for VERSO BOOKS "Trans" by Juliet Jacques. Cheers Glenn!

You can read all about it HERE

29 April 2016



26 April 2016

RINSE FM - Soundcloud

Last Friday's guest mix for the Hypercolour show on Rinse FM is now up to stream and download from Soundcloud. Somewhere around the 1h30m mark is half an hour of beats and breaks and stuff...

PRESSURE DROP . Part 13 (Hard Hands)
DON FROTH . Live Notes (WNCL Recordings)
DANCE . Ha (Blank Mind)
PHYSICAL THERAPY . Hit The Breaks (Bonus Beats) (Liberation Technologies)
THOMAS BANGALTER . Spinal Beats (Roule)
HNNY . Trummor (Local Talk)
PEARSON SOUND . Power Drumsss (Hessle Audio)
J. TIJN . Decimated #8 (WNCL Recordings)
JAMES DUNCAN . Fulton Stop (WNCL Recordings)
MARK FARINA . Bringin Tha Track (Om)
HOUSE OF JAZZ feat. LADINA WHITFIELD . Time Out 4 Luv (Ebola Mix) (Urgent Music Works)
ARMAND VAN HELDEN . Nrongo Ra Mrongo (Strictly Rhythm)
JUS JUST . Power (Misterio)

22 April 2016

RINSE FM - Hypercolour


I'm in the guest mix hot seat tonight (Friday 22nd April) for the HYPERCOLOUR show on RINSE FM.

Half an hour of drum tracks, bonus beats, tribal percussion and chants only. 11pm - 1am. Here come the drums!