18 December 2009


It was a quiet night at ROCK LA BIBLIOTEK last night. Maybe it was one xmas party too many. Maybe it was the bleedin' snow. In any case, my eternal thanks to the fantastic dj's for sticking it out and playing to the bitter end.

TOBI ONE reminded us that the glory days of hardcore still cut it on a system and FRED & OLLIE, the closest thing to library residents, weighed in with an excellent blend of House and Jungle classics.

Particular thanks to PAUL HAMMOND for playing, as promised, an exclusive selection of beautiful music from his REAL SOON label. Particular highlights were the CHEZ DAMIER remix of KAI ALCE, new and old tracks from SESSION VICTIM and LEROSA and the latest release on the label from RISING SUN. So good I had to steal the lot as soon as he'd got off the decks.

It's criminal that more people didn't come to check this out so I'm hoping to get everybody back down again in the new year.

For lovers of real House music, check out the REAL SOON back catalogue here

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