30 June 2011

NO.1 ASTRONAUT-Instant Digest

I was asked to contribute to the MODIFYER blog's Process series so, under the guise of NO.1 ASTRONAUT, I presented the INSTANT DIGEST series.

“… sort of Plunderphonic but with John Oswald’s sneer replaced by affection and amusement/amazement.”  
Simon Reynolds, Blissblog

‘... joyfully collapses 5 decades of sonic culture into 25 minutes of abstract bliss - this is a hyper-fragmented, gorgeously warped love letter to pop music.’   
Jonny Mugwump, Exotic Pylon, Resonance FM

“In this age of the super information highway, the problem is no longer how to access information, it is how to absorb it. The Instant Digest offers the perfect solution: sonic information compressed into short, sharp efficient byte-size chunks ... just be careful it doesn’t make your head explode…” 
 Nick Edwards (aka Ekoplekz aka Gutterbreakz)

Check it here: modifyer blog 

Listen and download for free:

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