01 December 2011


LABEL: WNCL Recordings
ARTIST: Knowing Looks
SIDE A: Listen to My 45
SIDE B: Ghost Baby
FORMAT: 10" vinyl / digital
RELEASE DATE: Monday 12th December

KNOWING LOOKS kicked off 2011 for WNCL Recordings with his much loved, hard stepping ABANDONED SKIP, backed with the acclaimed, symphonic masterpiece that was LAST KISS AT THE PLAINS HOTEL.

Jason Hopfner is back again to tie up a busy year at WNCL HQ, unveiling the classically constructed epic LISTEN TO MY 45 already aired by MARY ANNE HOBBS on Xfm and described by BEN UFO as "lovely. gorgeous. slick. buff. etc." ... and who are we to disagree.

Just do what it says on the tin and then flip over for GHOST BABY - yet another fine example from Hopfner's rich and varied production cannon, melding super cool minimalism with party breaks.

WNCL009A: KNOWING LOOKS_Listen to My 45 by WNCL Recordings

WNCL009B: KNOWING LOOKS_Ghost Baby by WNCL Recordings

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