14 October 2012

WNCL011 - Digital

Whoops. I forgot to mention that WNCL011, the Various Artists We Are Family EP is now available in digital format from all the usual sources plus, of course, the WNCL SURUS store.

There's been some nice press too...
WNCL Recordings call up their top boys for a smart dance-off 

Solidifies our opinion of WNCL as a buy on sight label 

Peerless, and as such comes highly recommended 

Sporting some raucous contributions from the label’s principal artists 
Evidence, if ever it was needed, that brilliant ideas will trump a crystal clear mixdown any day of the week 
Resident Advisor
The fact that all the tracks work together as well as they do is a testament to this one dude’s vision. You go, girl 
Sonic Router

It's a family affair and, as with most, it's a disfunctional, lovable one 
Sounds of the Universe

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