13 November 2012


LABEL: WNCL Recordings
ARTIST: Kevin McPhee
FORMAT: 12" vinyl / Digital
RELEASE DATE: Monday 26th November 2012

A1: In Circles
A2: Do
B1: Pumpkin
B2: The Blind Whirring of Machinery

WNCL Recordings and Kevin McPhee have spent many a moon discussing a shared love of Mood II Swing, dubplate culture and Bobby Champs, amongst other things.

In between times, the Canadian young-gun has been honing 4 tracks to present WNCL012 - a finely crafted Extended Play in which McPhee gets his clonk on...

"...in keeping with WNCL's hard jacking groove tendencies, McPhee produces four slices of brick hard House that you'll be hard pressed to even try and overlook." Sonic Router

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