07 September 2013


WIFEY host the latest West Norwood Cassette Library guest mix

Bob’s flawless mix for us is driven by a jacking house groove weaving its way throughout. Along its path it bumps into everything from bossa nova to bassy techno, via fragments of classic soul, acid and library music. Despite the unique mix of flavours Bob brings, he never lets go of the pulse for long. It’s a set we won’t get bored of any time soon.

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Download it HERE

TRACKLIST 1. THE SMALL FACES . Happiness Stan (Intro) (Immediate)
2. COLE MEDINA . House Feels So Good (Licorice Delight)
3. JURNY . Only When I’m Dreaming (No More Hits)
4. ANTHONY NAPLES . Faceless (RAD)
5. VAX 1 . It’s All I Can Give (Les Disques Superfriends)
6. J. TIJN . Flat (forthcoming WNCL Recordings)
7. ULTRAMARINE . Passwords (forthcoming Real Soon)
8. ENSEMBLE SCALECTRIK . Pharaos Groove (Fat Cat)
9. MM / KM . Bust A Move (Trilogy Tapes)
10. AQUARIAN FOUNDATION . Mystery Track (Going Good)
11. ZENWAN . Behold a Pale Horse (Dubplate)
12. SYCLOPS . Jump Bugs (Running Back)
13. ASUSU . Velez (Livity Sound)
14. GOLDFFINCH . The Volume (Saigon)
15. RUMAH . Stutter (Church)
16. CEO . Kannit (Dubplate)
17. DELROY EDWARDS . White Owl (L.I.E.S)
18. ANTHONY SHAKE SHAKIR . Drummer Downstairs (Fit Sound)
20. PANGAEA . Viaduct (Hadal)
21. WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY . Bubble (forthcoming Hypercolour)
22. ARTO MWAMBE . Btwo (Permanent Vacation)

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