12 March 2016

BUN THE GRID - Radar Radio

BUN THE GRID gave me an open brief to supply a guest mix of stuff that I'm not normally known for or wouldn't usually play out. I took them at their word and have put together a selection of tracks loosely based around 60's psych.

Amongst the psychedelia, there's household names (Beatles - albeit in loop form - Rolling Stones etc), "poppier" cuts (Blossom Toes, Zombies), a dip into more wistful sounds (Triste Janero, David Axelrod), more modern takes on the psych sound (Broadcast, Bachelor Pad), ending with a fitting tribute to the late, great Sir George Martin (Ray Cathode).

I hope you enjoy it!

SHOW: Bun  The Grid
STATION: Radar Radio
TIME: Midnight
DATE: Saturday 12th March 

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