27 June 2016

RINSE FM - SoundCloud

Yesterday's RINSE FM cover show for Yasmin now up on SoundCloud. Here's the full track list...

FOREIGN LEGION . Full Time B-Boy (Instrumental) (ABB)
BYRON THE AQUARIUS . Intro (Sampling As An Art)
TENDERLONIUS . 22 Truckin (Sounds of the Universe)
FYI CHRI . Compared to What (Banoffee Pies)
MORGAN GEIST . Lullaby (Environ)
MADTEO . Voracious Culturilizer Disco Mix (M.A.D.T.E.O)
CHAOS IN THE CBD . Background Explorer (Yam)
CHRISSY . The Right to Dance With Somebody (La Misson's Edits and Beans)
ACID FILTER . Raw Sensation (Chicago Basement Trax)
BEANER . Co-Opted and Exoticized (J Choirboy Cheeky Co-Opt) (La Misson)
BEANER . Blackmouth (Live) (La Misson)
ORLANDO VOORN . Swing It (OV & Paty Pat) (Roundabout Sounds)
JAMES DUNCAN . Franklin Stop (WNCL Recordings)
BOXWORK . That's His Take (Unconditional Music)
BROTHER'S VIBE . Lonliness (Mixx)
DEGO . Save It Till Later (Neroli)
BYRON THE AQUARIUS . The Love Below (Sampling As An Art)
FRITS WENTINK . Rising Sun, Falling Coconut (Heist)
RED RACK 'EM . Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (Bergerac)
J TIJN . Shmudge (In An Instant)
JESSE PEREZ . What You Say About My Momma (Truncate Remix) (Edible)
G MAN . Zeno (Beautiful)
MIKE DEHNERT . Starbase (Echochord Colours)
YALEESA HALL & MALIN . Lucas Three (Will & Ink)
HIROAKI LIZUKA . Primitive Spirit (Self Reflektion)
BROTHERS GRIMM . Exodus (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix) (Dubplate)
JUST JUS . Power (Misterio)
TREASURE . Wiggles (Treasure)
JKRIV & FREE MAGIC . Emmanuel (Razor N Tape)

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