28 June 2008

PODCAST - More Minimal

A new series of WNCL PODCASTS coming your way for the summer time. Stripped down clicks and bleeps in the MORE MINIMAL mixtape is available.

Photography from Rob Godden's BUDDHA'S BREAKFAST photo blog

22 June 2008


Currently on the WNCL gramophone player and continually restoring my faith in House music with every new release, the REAL SOON label come correct yet again with their latest offering by SESSION VICTIM. "No Friends (No Power)" encapsulates everything that is good about quality House music - timeless, sassy, a touch of funk with the odd quirk here and there. "Old school pumping chord patterns and no nonsense beats" say the label. Quite right too - classier than a mother fucker.

Label owner, Paul Hammond (ex ULTRAMARINE) also records as FURTHER DETAILS and has a delicious new album, OLD BONES available now on A Touch of Class, Germany. Real smooth...

14 June 2008

NO.1 ASTRONAUT - At Home With...

That man Gutterbreakz again. The BLEEPFIEND imprint is a free-download, internet label that is "primarily dedicated to releasing lost/forgotten/unreleased electronic music recordings that we feel deserve a wider audience, to the best of our limited abilities."

I take the great honour of having the first release, NO.1 ASTRONAUT "At Home With...", a 10 track compilation of tracks taken from dusted down, hissy cassettes, recorded on shamefully lo-tech equipment in the suburban confines of my Mum and Dad's house when I was a lowly, unemployed graduate. Who'd have thought...

Another one from the archives, part 3 of the LOW BATTERY CASIO tapes is featured on the label's MYSPACE page amongst other soon-come offerings from future Bleepfiend artists.

All artwork comes from DOPPELGANGER

DATA70 - Blog Features

The aforementioned GUTTERBREAKZ blog review and Q&A with Data70 was not only very nice indeed, making us feel quite special for the afternoon, but also led on to a couple of other blog reviews.

First up was a great spot on the well respected BLISSBLOG, written by Simon Reynolds. Very exciting.

Followed swiftly by another piece written by South East London based blog TRANSPONTINE featuring some interesting musings on West Norwood.

Promo copies of the brand new, 24 track, DATA70 "Space Loops Volume Three" will be on circulation soon


I have many reasons to big up the infamous blogger GUTTERBREAKZ (aka sometime dubstep / minimal techno producer PATCHWERK MAN and owner of internet download label BLEEPFIEND).

Asides from the fact that he will often articulate my own thoughts better than I ever could and spookily mirror my own experiences in electronic music, new and old, be it a love of Fast Eddie, 2562, the production genius that is Rob Gordon or the golden days of Metalheadz amongst so many other things, he has also championed the DATA70 and NO.1 ASTRONAUT projects that I have been involved with. Flattering to say the least.

Links to these last two projects to follow in the next posts. Thanks for everything, Mr Gutterbreakz


There's also a new home for the WNCL PODCAST. I've archived all of the mixes from podomatic and moved them to mypodcast, as well as adding the last 2 mixes in The Spring Quartet series (House / Breaks). They're all free to download. Enjoy.


Out of the basement and onto the roof…The cassette library headquarters moves premises this month. Still in West Norwood, naturally, a bit more room and a cracking rooftop view of the city skyline. A makeshift studio has been assembled amongst the cardboard boxes as we prepare to live on a building site. New contact details available on request