22 December 2014

WNCL023 - Juno Download

"...a steaming slab of 23rd Century garage..."

WNCL023 (DON FROTH's "The Acid House Handshake" EP) now available digitally and getting the review treatment at JUNO DOWNLOAD

20 December 2014

WNCL022 - BBC6

Whoops. Nearly missed this one from last month....

STUART MACONIE dropped the lead track from WNCL022 - CEO's 6 track EP - on his Freak Zone show for Radio 6 on November 23rd.

You can still catch the show HERE

16 December 2014

WNCL022 - EE

ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS, the long running, legendary podcast plays host to the equal legendary JEROME HILL, so it's a great honour to see WNCL022 (C.E.O's "Screeching") in the tracklist.

Download from SOUNDCLOUD

13 December 2014

WNCL022 - RA

"...[C.E.O] has a keener understanding than most of what makes a good groove."

C.E.O gets reviewed on RESIDENT ADVISOR this week


YAM RECORDS is the Cassette Library's emporium of choice from the well documented recent Peckham record store uprising - you can read all about that over at THE VINYL FACTORY.

The YAM boys are also in conversation this week with THE RANSOM NOTE