28 November 2017

MIXCLOUD - Ears Have Eyes

The last WNCL show of the year for BALAMII RADIO was a 4 hour b2b2b special with the EARS HAVE EYES gang and is now available to stream on Mixcloud...

23 November 2017

BALAMII RADIO - Ears Have Eyes


The last show of the year for BALAMII RADIO will be a 4 hour back 2 back 2 back extravaganza with the EARS HAVE EYES crew. Tune in from 1-5pm

21 November 2017

BALAMII RADIO - Ears Have Eyes vs WNCL Go Bonkers!


This Saturday Ears Have Eyes and WNCL Recordings go BONKERS!!!!

For our last Balamii Radio show of Y2K17 we're teaming up with Bob "West Noorwood Cassette Library" Bhamra for a special soundclash live from Holdrons Arcade. We're merging our two shows and going B2B2B for 4 hours straight. Not sure where we'll end up, but I'm sure we'll have fun getting there.

Tune in from 1-5pm on Saturday 25th November.

Huge shout to the massively talented James Shaw off of Cambrian Line for the Hixxy and Sharkey inspired artwork.

18 November 2017

WNCL032 - Phonica

TÉNÈBRE marks the release of his WNCL032 EP for WNCL Recordings this week by listing his Top 10 for PHONICA RECORDS

17 November 2017

WNCL032 - Laurent Garnier

LAURENT GARNIER includes "Axe Nord-Sud" from TENEBRE's WNCL032 EP on his latest IT IS WHAT IT SHOW...

16 November 2017


We're pleased to present a South London vinyl institution, gentleman and scholar in-store on Thursday 16th November. West Norwood Cassette Library (WNCL Recordings) will be in the shop arranging a, no doubt painstakingly selected, two hour 92-93 'Ardcore selection from 8pm. All original vinyl of course.

This will be followed for a final hour with more Ardcore you know the score straight from the shop floor by sales assistant DJ team Altar & Waterworks (THEM). Pop down, sink a burger, clutch a beer, throw some shapes....

EVENT: Container Records In-Store
DATE: Thursday 16th November
TIME: 8-10pm
VENUE: Container, Brixton, London

15 November 2017


"... the label's recent output has zig-zagged energetically ... Etch and West Norwood Cassette Library made hearty throwbacks to breakbeat hardcore's heyday"

The latest release on SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB by Dream Cycle gets the review treatment on RESIDENT ADVISOR  today, with a fleeting mention of the recently released West Norwood Cassette Library EP from the same label

10 November 2017

WNCL032 - DJ Mag

DJ MAG host a brand new mixtape from TÉNÈBRE in light of his new release on WNCL Recordings. Read all about it in their FRESH KICKS series HERE

08 November 2017

WNCL032 - Hardwax

"Classy, raw, pounding UK Techno Breakbeat hybrid..."

WNCL032 now available at HARDWAX

07 November 2017

LESSONS - Elena Colombi

Thanks to ELENA COLOMBI for playing West Norwood Cassette Library's "Tom at The Library" track from the just-released 10 year anniversary comp on FRONT AND FOLLOW on her latest NTS Radio show. Pitched down and completely mental.

06 November 2017

WNCL032 - Seek Sick Sound

TÉNÈBRE delivers a brand new mixtape for SEEK SICK SOUND this week, celebrating the launch of his new EP for WNCL Recordings

05 November 2017

WNCL032 - Juno

"...a bustling, techno-tempo tribute to the jungle ear rich in fuzzy snares, heavy sub-bass pulses and intoxicating, intelligent techno era samples..."

WNCL032 available now at JUNO

04 November 2017


ROADS is an extended daytime session with some of our favourite selectors playing records together over a few pints. Expect some of the upstarts, established faces and unsung purveyors of the UK underground.

Top selectors and Balamii Radio mates
WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY and LEISUREWARE step up for our next event. West Norwood Cassette Library's been running WNCL Recordings since 2010. More recently, he's been letting his infant pop all the balloons at Leisureware's ambient events...

EVENT: Roads
DATE: Saturday 4th November
TIME: 2-10pm
VENUE: Rye Wax, Peckham Rye, London

03 November 2017

WNCL032 - Bandcamp

WNCL032 now available on vinyl (+ free mp3s) and all the usual digital formats on the WNCL Bandcamp page...

02 November 2017

WNCL030 - Quarterly Crate

I really like Sunil Sharpe's THE QUARTERLY CRATE vinyl round up on YouTube, so it's always nice to make the cut. WNCL030 gets included in the track list for the latest episode.

Check it HERE (132h0m)