29 September 2012

GUEST MIX - DJBroadcast

DJBROADCAST in Holland invited me to contribute a mixtape to their illustrious podcast series, so here's what I turned in:

01. DATA 70 – ‘Interlaken’ (Enraptured)
02. DATA ROMANCE – ‘Caves’ (Benjamin Damage VIP) (Dubplate)
03. MIDLAND & PARIAH – ‘Untitled 2’ (Sheworks)
04. KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME – ‘Battery’ (WNCL Dubplate)
05. BOK BOK & TOM TRAGO - ‘Pom Crash’ (Night Voyage Tool Kit)
06. KEVIN McPHEE – ‘In Circles’ (forthcoming WNCL Recordings)
07. SPATIAL – ‘Untitled’ (WNCL Dubplate)
08. KING THING - ‘Cold Diss’ (Infrasonics)
09. DON FROTH - ‘Dip Dive’ (WNCL Dubplate)
10. HELIX - ‘Stacks Riddim’ (All Caps)
11. HELIX – ‘Drum Track’ (Night Slugs)
12. GEIOM – ‘Dugout’ (WNCL Dubplate)
13. WATTVILLE – ‘We Jostle’ (Sonic Router)
14. KNOWING LOOKS – ‘Cytal Fink’ (WNCL Recordings)
15. SOUNDHACK – ‘Vintage’ (Sound Sampler)
16. PERC – ‘Pure & Simple’ (Perc RZ Dub) (Sleaze)
17. FORWARD STRATEGY GROUP - ‘Nihil Novi’ (Perc Trax)
18. MARTIN KEMP – ‘Closer’ (Frijsfo Beats)
19. STERLING VOID – ‘It’s All Right’ (Acapella) (DJ International)
20. DENNIS BUSCH – ‘Black Hole’ (forthcoming Real Soon)

You can download the mixtape and check the interview (depending on how good your Dutch is) over at the DJBROADCAST website

WNCL011 - In Shops Now

WNCL011 has been released into the world. A 4-track 12" EP showcasing the wares of label mates Don Froth, Milyoo and Knowing looks alongside West Norwood Cassette Library, is now available for purchase.

12" + Free mp3 bundle exclusive to SURUS: 24th September
12" / digital general release: 1st October

LAKOSA & iO - Resident Advisor

LAKOSA & iO's "Home Early" on Kerri Chandler's Madtech imprint gets the review treatment over at RESIDENT ADVISOR

23 September 2012

TRUANTS - Don Froth

Some-time honorary Cassette Librarian and full time bad-boy, DON FROTH gets the interview treatment over at TRUANTS

13 September 2012

WNCL011 - Test Press

Test Plate pressure for the heads. A handful of white label, 12" TP's of the forthcoming WE ARE FAMILY VOL.1 4-track EP are available now exclusively from the WNCL SURUS STORE....

09 September 2012

000LAET - Teal Recordings

TEAL RECORDINGS, have just released a 3-track, vinyl-only, white label 12" EP of exclusive remixes, including my own refix of SOUTH LONDON ORDNANCE "Witch Hunt"...

A1: BEASTIE RESPOND_Be Quiet (Jared Wilson Remix)
B1: S.L.O_Witch Scene (Northern Structures H2SO4 Remix)
B2: S.L.O_Witch Hunt (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix)


Available now from the Teal store on SURUS


GROOVE ARMADA return to Hypercolour with their next release, "Pull Up", featuring vocals from Slarta John (of Basement Jaxx "Jump and Shout" fame") and a remix from the Cassette Library.

Check clips of the original, WNCL remix and 2 remixes from Hypercolour's own Alex Jones over at Soundcloud:

WNCL remix also featured here:
BEATPORT - 10 Must Hear House Trax
TODDLA T - Radio 1 show (Stream now)
ANNIE MAC - Radio 1 show (Stream now)

VINYL: September TBC


EVARISTE MAIGA of Goldsmith's University presents his latest video piece - Improvisation, Pain and Joy - which shows the artist 'performing' to the sounds of KNOWING LOOKS "Ghost Baby".

Check the video HERE
Buy the track HERE

03 September 2012

WNCL011 - Juno Plus

Poor old Oli Warwick gets his ears chewed off by yours truly over at JUNO PLUS today....