24 December 2009


FREEDEM SOUNDS, the South London party crew, are back to follow up their Bank Holiday launch night with a Christmas Skank down in Brixton on Sunday 27th December. They say...

"After our successful launch night down at Medusa, we've decided to take the party down the road to the Brixton Bar & Grill on Atlantic Road. This is gonna be the Xmas party to remember, with the Freedem DJ's and co dropping anything and everything from House, Dubstep, Grime, Jungle, Hip Hop, Ragga and more..."

I'll be joining them on the decks at midnight to play my favourite House, Dubstep and Minimal Techno records of 2009.

DATE: Sunday 27th December
VENUE: Brixton Bar & Grill
ADDRESS: 15 Atlantic Road, SW9
TIME: 9pm - 4am
PRICE: FREE B4 11 / £3 after

DJs: Sai / West Norwood Cassette Library / Sober / Collapse / Freedem DJs

Hope to see you down there


18 December 2009


It was a quiet night at ROCK LA BIBLIOTEK last night. Maybe it was one xmas party too many. Maybe it was the bleedin' snow. In any case, my eternal thanks to the fantastic dj's for sticking it out and playing to the bitter end.

TOBI ONE reminded us that the glory days of hardcore still cut it on a system and FRED & OLLIE, the closest thing to library residents, weighed in with an excellent blend of House and Jungle classics.

Particular thanks to PAUL HAMMOND for playing, as promised, an exclusive selection of beautiful music from his REAL SOON label. Particular highlights were the CHEZ DAMIER remix of KAI ALCE, new and old tracks from SESSION VICTIM and LEROSA and the latest release on the label from RISING SUN. So good I had to steal the lot as soon as he'd got off the decks.

It's criminal that more people didn't come to check this out so I'm hoping to get everybody back down again in the new year.

For lovers of real House music, check out the REAL SOON back catalogue here

14 December 2009


THURSDAY 17th DECEMBER: Rock La Biblitoek!

It's time for another Bibliotek session down in Brixton

WHERE: The Hive Bar
ADDRESS: 11-13 Brixton Station Road
NR TUBE: Brixton (Victoria Line)
TIME: 9pm - 2am
DJs: Tobi One / Fred & Ollie / WNCL
SPECIAL GUEST: Paul Hammond (Real Soon)

PAUL HAMMOND, previously of ULTRAMARINE fame, will be exclusively showcasing past, present and future trax from his excellent REAL SOON label. For those who like their House Music deep, you're in for a treat...

TOBI ONE, founder of the legendary FOR YOUR PLEASURE parties, with releases on the classic KULT and TAG RECORDS labels, will also be making a long awaited return to the decks

FRED & OLLIE will be returning to the library just in the nick of time to dust off more House and Jungle classics from the archive

I hope you can join us...


07 December 2009

RADIO - Exotic Pylon Archive

Another chaotic-but-fun Pylon session. As usual, thanks to JONNY MUGWUMP for the opportunity to air some new and old Cassette Library dubplates.

Shame I opted to do a live mix and completely fluffed it then. Been a long time since I turned in such a sloppy effort at beat mixing - turns out that Lemsip, cider and dodgy wiring isn't such a winning combination after all

Excuses, excuses...

MATTHEW DE ABAITUA . The Dinner Party Wars (WNCL Extract)
WNCL . Get Lifted
SUNOSIS . Leap (WNCL Remix)
WNCL . Blonde on Blonde
UNIQUE 3 . Take This Love (WNCL Remix)
UNIQUE 3 . The Theme (WNCL Remix)
WNCL . Theme To Street Knowledge
WNCL . Drop
WNCL . What It Is
DOCTOR J . Let's Rave (WNCL Remix)
WNCL . Up Periscope!
WNCL . Feeling Too Big To Dance

Download link below - worth it for WOEBOT's THE CROW mix, exclusive to the show and wisely pre-recorded!

(photograph by Will Thomas)

04 December 2009

RADIO - Exotic Pylon

SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER: Exotic Pylon, Resonance FM

Jonny Mugwump has asked me to come down and play again, this time alongside special guest WOEBOT. I'll be playing another dubplate only mix of new and archived WNCL material plus some recently finished remixes. Keep it locked!

TIME: 9:30pm - 11:00pm
DATE: Saturday 5th December
WIRELESS: Resonance FM, 104.4FM
ONLINE: http://resonancefm.com


24 November 2009

WNCL - Diary

Some library shenanigans to put in your diary...

SATURDAY 28th NOVEMBER: Rock La Biblitoek!

Hope to see you down in Brixton this Saturday for round two of the library's club night in South London's secret space-age cocktail bar

WHERE: The Hive Bar
ADDRESS: 11-13 Brixton Station Road
NR TUBE: Brixton (Victoria Line)
TIME: 9pm - 3am
DJs: Bateman / Daryl B / Fred & Ollie / Perdoni / WNCL
SPECIAL GUEST: Cherrie Flava (Sounds of the Universe)


SATURDAY 5th DECEMBER: Exotic Pylon, Resonance FM

Jonny Mugwump has asked me to come down and play again, this time alongside special guest WOEBOT. I'm hoping to have a bunch of new trax finished and cut to dubplate in time.

TIME: 9:30pm - 11:00pm
WIRELESS: Resonance FM, 104.4FM
ONLINE: http://resonancefm.com


THURSDAY 17th DECEMBER: Rock La Bibliotek!

Back again for a Christmas knees up, more details to follow but watch out for special guest PAUL HAMMOND who will be showcasing releases from his ultra deep House label REAL SOON

Hope to see you soon...

03 November 2009

PODCAST - Rock La Bibliotek

Thanks to everybody that came down to ROCK LA BIBLIOTEK! last Friday - the first in a series of nights at The Hive Bar, Brixton - it was good to see you all.

Special thanks to all the DJs that played a great selection of funk, boogie, house, dubstep and jungle throughout the night. Out to Daryl B, Bateman, Fred & Ollie.

Hope to catch you all at the next one on SATURDAY 28th NOVEMBER. More news soon.

In the meantime, the latest podcasts leading up to the night are available to download

Enjoy, thanks again and see you soon...

12 October 2009


WNCL presents ROCK LA BIBLIOTEK!, a night of fresh sounds and library archives.

Friday 30th October
The Hive Bar
11-13 Brixton Station Road,

9pm - 3am . Free Entry

Daryl B
Fred & Ollie
West Norwood Cassette Library

House . Minimal . Dubstep . Jungle . Disco . Boogie . Funk

Turn right out of Brixton tube and take the 2nd right. We'll be upstairs in the cosy cocktail lounge. See you there...

19 September 2009

DATA 70 - Exotic Pylon Archive

For those who missed it, last week's DATA 70 takeover show on RESONANCE 104.4FM can now be downloaded here

Hosted by JONNY MUGWUMP, sponsored by Strongbow. Oh dear...

10 September 2009

DATA 70 - Exotic Pylon Takeover

JONNY MUGWUMP has invited DATA 70 back on RESONANCE 104.4FM where we will be...

"...invading the pylon in a multitude of guises with heaps of exclusives and rarities - nouveau psychedelia as SUNRAY, Space Loops with DATA 70, dubglitchwobblehouse as WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY and a compressed history of 20th Century music with NO.1 ASTRONAUT."

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm
Location: http://resonancefm.com

31 August 2009

PODCAST - Bank Holiday Dubstep

Another Bank Holiday something for your iPod. A bunch of 'in your shops now' dubstep twelves mixed with some older cuts and a couple of WNCL dubplates for good measure. Happy holidays!

Download it here

26 August 2009


FREEDEM SOUNDS are "...a collective of DJs, musicians and artists from South London that are about to launch a brand new string of Events across south and beyond! Lagging in recent years behind North and East London, we’re gonna work and party hard to bring the true underground sounds back down South where they belong!"

I like them already. I'll be playing at their launch night in Brixton. Come down:

DATE: Saturday 29th August
VENUE: Medussa
ADDRESS: 302-404 Barrington Road, SW9 7JJ
TIME: 10pm - 5am
PRICE: £5 B4 12 / £8 after
BAR: 24 hour license / Cash only

DJs: Soul Sinners (Dubstar) / West Norwood Cassette Library / Oi You! / Sai (Upper Playground) / Mr Luna (Freedem DJs) / Gatman / Rubixman (Freedem DJs) / Sober

See you there

PODCAST - Bank Holiday Minimal

A little mix for the Bank Holiday weekend. Another collection of Minimal trax with some classic House and dubstep diversions thrown in for good measure

Download it here

05 August 2009


Rob Godden, original bicycle repair man, photographer and writer of the BUDDHA'S BREAKFAST blog has been keeping busy on his travels around Nepal by killing cockroaches with flip flops. Soundtracked by the WNCL remix of THE THEME by UNIQUE 3. Silly boy.

26 July 2009


Yo, G! Where you is?

19 July 2009

PODCAST - House etc

A bag full of new House tunes with a sprinkling of slightly dustier classics thrown in from the Cassette Library archives. Get on your camel and ride...

Download it here

12 July 2009

PODCAST - Brizzle etc.

Another quick one. Latest podcast features some bits and pieces from various Bristol artists. This one's out to G-Spots and the Bicycle Repair Men.

Download it here

02 July 2009


P MAN is a dubstep DJ from San Diego and resident on internet radio station CYBA FM. Another dj that has been giving CL RIDDIM a lot of support on his show.

Thank you, P Man!

Also check out his blog for more details of BIG UP! magazine

27 June 2009

RIP - Michael Jackson

It seems it's blog law to provide a tribute to poor old Michael, so my salute comes in the form of an extract from a new project I'm working on.

INSTANT DIGEST is an exercise in collage and compression whereby an entire album is sampled and stripped down into a bite sized audio chunk.


NO.1 ASTRONAUT_Instant Digest Vol 3 (1980-1989)_1982 Thriller

PODCAST - Dubstep etc

In an attempt to get this podcast thing a bit more regular, I've thrown down a quick half hour mix of the latest(ish) dubstep vinyl I've been buying.

Download it here

16 June 2009

RADIO - WNCL on Exotic Pylon

WNCL's dubplate mix, broadcast last Saturday on Resonance FM's Exotic Pylon show, is now available to download here

WNCL . Mrs Fingers
WNCL . Flashlight
WNCL . Up Periscope!
WNCL . What It Is
WNCL . CL Riddim
WNCL . Roots
WNCL . Doin' Alrite
WNCL . Time Loops

A bit of a shaky mix from me but later in the show you get a dubstep master class from LD (Hyperdub / Transition Studios ) who, predictably, took the roof off!

Extraordinarily large thanks to our host, JONNY MUGWUMP. What a gent...

27 May 2009

MYSPACE - House Foundations E.P

Excerpts of 4 new tracks on the MYSPACE player.

What It Is
Up Periscope
Mrs Fingers

Let me know what you think. 320's available on request.

PODCAST - Minimal etc.

Next up in the podcast series. Another bunch of minimal tracks with some other stuff. I don't know why I persist with these categories - I'm not sure I know what minimal is any more than I know what dubstep is - but you get the idea. It's just easier, innit?

Download it here

27 April 2009

DATA 70 - Exotic Pylon, Resonance FM

For those of you that missed it, DATA 70 were the guest DJs on Jonny Mugwump's Saturday night radio show, EXOTIC PYLON, RESONANCE 104.4FM.

Hat's off to Jonny for the invite, support and for hosting a fabulous house party cum radio show in a shoebox. Due to our technical incompetence, nerves and generally not knowing what was going on one minute to the next, we avoided speaking but a belated thanks to everyone who tuned in.

You can listen / download the show from Jonny's archive page here

Thanks again, Jonny - you're a gent!

06 April 2009

PODCAST - More House

...and another one

We are, musically, in a state of flux. Let’s take rhythm. You have one, two, trickley-how, kerurthus, four and snuffle in the bow. Now, that is just an ordinary sequence of rhythm which indicates a rhythmic trend of happy or a form of self expressey. But, I do think we ought to swing it about a bit…
(Professor Stanley Unwin, 1961)

Download it here

11 March 2009

DATA 70 - MySpace

The DATA 70 MySpace site has been updated and now features HERE 'TIS and SOMETHING FOR NOW - extracts from the forthcoming SPACE LOOPS VOLUME THREE. This will be released as a 16 track, double 7", gatefold album on ENRAPTURED RECORDS. More news as we get it

08 March 2009

PODCAST - More Dubstep

As well as trying to catch up with the blog, I've also been dusting down the WNCL PODCAST. I'm back with a best of the rest of 2008. The track list was selected alphabetically, partly out of laziness but proved to be quite an interesting challenge. Hopefully more podcasts to come in less than 6 months time. Download here


JONNY MUGWUMP has been showing some support for DATA 70 by featuring tracks from the Space Loops series on his Saturday night radio show, EXOTIC PYLON on RESONANCE 104.4FM. We'll be doing an interview and playing some tunes on his April 25th show. Nice one, Jonny!


DOCTOR J is a dubstep DJ from Texas and resident on internet radio station SUB FM. He's been giving CL RIDDIM a lot of support on his show. Download his shows here. Thank you, Doctor!


I've got a bit of catching up to do...Back in October 2008 BLOGARIDDIMS presented it's 50th and last podcast. GUTTERBREAKZ (yes, him again!), contributed a 6 minute collage featuring snippets of DATA 70 "Ping Pong" and NO.1 ASTRONAUT "Low Battery Casio (Part 3)", amongst loads of other bits. Check it here. As always, big thanks to Mr Gutta