29 December 2017

LESSONS - BBC Radio 6 pt. II

TOM RAVENSCROFT has been a great supporter of the Library output this year. Once again, he gives "Tom at the Library" (the opening cut from Front and Follow's "Lessons" compilation) an airing on his latest BBC6 show. Check it HERE (2h11m)

25 December 2017

WNCL032 - Eris Drew


ERIS DREW includes TENEBRE's "Axe Nord-Sud" in the latest RA Mixtape. Check it HERE

22 December 2017

XLR8R - Best Labels of 2017

"...uncovering promising producers and opening up new routes in forward-thinking house, techno, and bass music." 

XLR8R featured WNCL RECORDINGS in their 'Best of 2017 Labels'. Who'd have bleedin' thunk it, eh?

21 December 2017

XLR8R - Best Tracks of 2017

"...a chopped up, new school hardcore piece with touches of classic hip-hop, magpie sample snippets and Sheffield bleep techno bass in its make up."

XLR8R featured WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY "(Every Time You Touch Me) I Get Hype" (Sneaker Social Club) in their 'Best of 2017 Tracks'. Now there's a first!

20 December 2017

HARDCORE LIBRARIANISM - Juno Best of 2017 Bass

My HARDCORE LIBRARIANISM EP for Sneaker Social Club made it into the end of year Top 10 for JUNO DOWNLOAD

18 December 2017

LESSONS - BBC Radio 6 pt. I

TOM RAVENSCROFT drops "Tom at the Library" (my contribution to the recently released "Lessons" compilation on FRONT AND FOLLOW) on his latest show for BBC RADIO 6. You can check it (around the 57m mark) HERE

15 December 2017

WNCL032 - Juno Best of 2017 Bass

JUNO include WNCL032 - TÉNÈBRE's "Territory III" EP - in their best of 2017 Bass charts

13 December 2017

WNCL032 - Resident Advisor

WNCL032 - TÉNÈBRE's 4 track "Territory III" EP - receives a whopping 3.7 / 5 (whatever that means) on RESIDENT ADVISOR...

12 December 2017

ROMAN LINDAU - Reclaim Your City

ROMAN LINDAU's Reclaim Your City mix for RINSE FM features BOXWORK's We Are Family contribution "Pepper Stalk"

06 December 2017


My latest guest mix - "16 Track Sample Library" - for the good people at RADIO CÓMEME is available to stream now on Mixcloud and SoundCloud

"Back in 2013, I released a double pack called “8 Track Cartridge” for Hypercolour Records, featuring a collection of previously unreleased dubplates and displaying my tendencies for cleptomania. This ‘mix’ goes back to the source and dusts down the original sample material used for the release..."

01. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST . Verses From the Abstract (1991)
02. RAMSEY LEWIS . Tequila Mockingbird (1977)
03. KOSMIK KOMMANDO . Untitled (aka "Paranoid Jibbering Jawas") (1992)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library "Acid Jazz"

04. DRAGON FLY . We Have 2 Live (In The Future) (1993)
05. ACT 1 . Love's Got Your Mind (1974)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “(We Have To Live) In The Future”

06. ESG . UFO (1981)
07. TONE DEF . Psychic T.D. (1992)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “Vibrations”

08. DONALD BYRD . Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) (1975)
09. GOLDIE . Still Life (Photek Remix) (1996)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “Innervisions”

10. A GUY CALLED GERALD . In The Beginning (1988)
11. SMALL FACES . Don't Burst My Bubble (1967)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “Bubble”

12. ROCKERS REVENGE . Walking On Sunshine (Acappella Sunshine) (1982)
13. RAW DOPE POSSE . Listen To My Turbo (1988)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “Roots”

14. DYNAMIC SUPERIORS . I Can't Afford To Be Poor (1976)
15. THE TREACHEROUS THREE . The Body Rock (1980)
as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “Body Rock”

as featured in West Norwood Cassette Library “Time Loops”

04 December 2017


All that flash gear and the bastards forgot to hit "Record"! Alas, yesterday's mammoth 5 hour WNCL vs LEISUREWARE soundclash for SPIRITLAND will not be available to stream...

03 December 2017


The silky smooth South London soundclash is on. The two selectors venture north of the river for an extended back-to-back session. They'll dig deep into the archives for fluid moods, squiffy grooves, cosmic jams, bass and bleeps.

EVENT: Spiritland
DATE: Sunday 3rd December 2017
TIME: 12-5pm
VENUE: Spiritland, Kings Cross, London

28 November 2017

MIXCLOUD - Ears Have Eyes

The last WNCL show of the year for BALAMII RADIO was a 4 hour b2b2b special with the EARS HAVE EYES gang and is now available to stream on Mixcloud...

23 November 2017

BALAMII RADIO - Ears Have Eyes


The last show of the year for BALAMII RADIO will be a 4 hour back 2 back 2 back extravaganza with the EARS HAVE EYES crew. Tune in from 1-5pm

21 November 2017

BALAMII RADIO - Ears Have Eyes vs WNCL Go Bonkers!


This Saturday Ears Have Eyes and WNCL Recordings go BONKERS!!!!

For our last Balamii Radio show of Y2K17 we're teaming up with Bob "West Noorwood Cassette Library" Bhamra for a special soundclash live from Holdrons Arcade. We're merging our two shows and going B2B2B for 4 hours straight. Not sure where we'll end up, but I'm sure we'll have fun getting there.

Tune in from 1-5pm on Saturday 25th November.

Huge shout to the massively talented James Shaw off of Cambrian Line for the Hixxy and Sharkey inspired artwork.

18 November 2017

WNCL032 - Phonica

TÉNÈBRE marks the release of his WNCL032 EP for WNCL Recordings this week by listing his Top 10 for PHONICA RECORDS

17 November 2017

WNCL032 - Laurent Garnier

LAURENT GARNIER includes "Axe Nord-Sud" from TENEBRE's WNCL032 EP on his latest IT IS WHAT IT SHOW...

16 November 2017


We're pleased to present a South London vinyl institution, gentleman and scholar in-store on Thursday 16th November. West Norwood Cassette Library (WNCL Recordings) will be in the shop arranging a, no doubt painstakingly selected, two hour 92-93 'Ardcore selection from 8pm. All original vinyl of course.

This will be followed for a final hour with more Ardcore you know the score straight from the shop floor by sales assistant DJ team Altar & Waterworks (THEM). Pop down, sink a burger, clutch a beer, throw some shapes....

EVENT: Container Records In-Store
DATE: Thursday 16th November
TIME: 8-10pm
VENUE: Container, Brixton, London

15 November 2017


"... the label's recent output has zig-zagged energetically ... Etch and West Norwood Cassette Library made hearty throwbacks to breakbeat hardcore's heyday"

The latest release on SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB by Dream Cycle gets the review treatment on RESIDENT ADVISOR  today, with a fleeting mention of the recently released West Norwood Cassette Library EP from the same label

10 November 2017

WNCL032 - DJ Mag

DJ MAG host a brand new mixtape from TÉNÈBRE in light of his new release on WNCL Recordings. Read all about it in their FRESH KICKS series HERE

08 November 2017

WNCL032 - Hardwax

"Classy, raw, pounding UK Techno Breakbeat hybrid..."

WNCL032 now available at HARDWAX

07 November 2017

LESSONS - Elena Colombi

Thanks to ELENA COLOMBI for playing West Norwood Cassette Library's "Tom at The Library" track from the just-released 10 year anniversary comp on FRONT AND FOLLOW on her latest NTS Radio show. Pitched down and completely mental.

06 November 2017

WNCL032 - Seek Sick Sound

TÉNÈBRE delivers a brand new mixtape for SEEK SICK SOUND this week, celebrating the launch of his new EP for WNCL Recordings

05 November 2017

WNCL032 - Juno

"...a bustling, techno-tempo tribute to the jungle ear rich in fuzzy snares, heavy sub-bass pulses and intoxicating, intelligent techno era samples..."

WNCL032 available now at JUNO

04 November 2017


ROADS is an extended daytime session with some of our favourite selectors playing records together over a few pints. Expect some of the upstarts, established faces and unsung purveyors of the UK underground.

Top selectors and Balamii Radio mates
WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY and LEISUREWARE step up for our next event. West Norwood Cassette Library's been running WNCL Recordings since 2010. More recently, he's been letting his infant pop all the balloons at Leisureware's ambient events...

EVENT: Roads
DATE: Saturday 4th November
TIME: 2-10pm
VENUE: Rye Wax, Peckham Rye, London

03 November 2017

WNCL032 - Bandcamp

WNCL032 now available on vinyl (+ free mp3s) and all the usual digital formats on the WNCL Bandcamp page...

02 November 2017

WNCL030 - Quarterly Crate

I really like Sunil Sharpe's THE QUARTERLY CRATE vinyl round up on YouTube, so it's always nice to make the cut. WNCL030 gets included in the track list for the latest episode.

Check it HERE (132h0m)

29 October 2017

WNCL032 - BBC Radio 6 pt.III

TOM RAVENSCROFT on BBC RADIO 6, once again covering for Tom Robinson and once again doing the honours in support of the forthcoming TÉNÈBRE release on WNCL Recordings. You can hear the lead cut, "Jungle Frontier" at 1h56m HERE

28 October 2017

MIXCLOUD - House Music Archives

The latest WNCL show on BALAMII RADIO is now available to stream on Mixcloud. A 2 hour solo show featuring the usual selection of new releases plus a mini mix of WNCL Recordings 2017 output and a trawl through the 2007 House Music Archives...

27 October 2017

BALAMII RADIO - House Music Archives

Back on BALAMII RADIO tomorrow, Saturday 28th October from 3-5pm. I'll be flying solo this month, playing brand new cuts from 2107 and delving back into the 2007 House Music Archives

24 October 2017

WNCL032 - Ran$om Note

RAN$OM NOTE premiere the video for "Axe Nord-Sud" from TÉNÈBRE's forthcoming EP on WNCL Recordings

Read more HERE

20 October 2017

LESSONS - Bandcamp


LESSONS marks 10 years of the on-going experiment that is the FRONT & FOLLOW record label, and also the 50th official release, bringing together artists from across the years in old guises and new. From our very first collaborator (Elite Barbarian) to our most recent (The Slowest Lift) - via the likes of Pye Corner Audio, Leyland Kirby and Laura Cannell - Lessons reflects the eclectic nature of the label, and our fondness for a special project.

Includes West Norwood Cassette Library's "Tom at The Library"

19 October 2017

LESSONS - The Quietus

"West Norwood Cassette Library's plunderphonic introduction to the collection feels like the off-kilter sensation of encountering Nurse With Wound at their most ominously silly..."

Full review of the forthcoming FRONT & FOLLOW compilation - "Lessons" - over at THE QUIETUS

18 October 2017


NICK LUSCOMBE kicked off his LATE JUNCTION show on BBC RADIO 3 with West Norwood Cassette Library's "Tom at The Library", as featured on the forthcoming FRONT AND FOLLOW 10 year anniversary double CD

Check it HERE

17 October 2017


RESIDENT ADVISOR announce the release of "Lessons", the double CD 10th Anniversary release from FRONT & FOLLOW, featuring WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY "Tom at the Library".

Release date Friday 20th October
Read all about it HERE

16 October 2017

WNCL031 - Dan Curtin RA

DAN CURTIN aka PURVEYORS OF FINE FUNK charts the latest CALDERA offering (WNCL031) for RESIDENT ADVISOR this month

Check it HERE

14 October 2017

WNCL032 - BBC Radio 6 pt.II

TOM RAVENSCROFT showing some more love for the new TÉNÈBRE EP, dropping "Density"(around the 2h22m mark) on his stand in show for Tom Robinson on BBC RADIO 6

Check it HERE

13 October 2017

WNCL032 - BBC Radio 6 pt.I

TOM RAVENSCROFT closes his latest show for BBC RADIO 6 with a teaser ("Zone & Interzone") from the new TÉNÈBRE EP on WNCL Recordings

Check it HERE

12 October 2017

WNCL032 - Mosca NTS

MOSCA repping the forthcoming TÉNÈBRE EP ("Axe Nord-Sud") on his latest show for NTS RADIO

Check it HERE

09 October 2017


Territory III" should have been the next release on TÉNÈBRE's self- titled artist label. However, as soon as the promo landed, the Cassette Library went on a shameless 'beg, borrow or steal' mission and we are now proud to present WNCL032 – a mind-blowing 4 track EP that successfully blends bass, breaks and techno, peppered with tastefully positioned ambient twists in just the right measure.

LABEL: WNCL Recordings
ARTIST: Ténèbre
TITLE: "Territory III" E.P
FORMAT: 12" vinyl / digital
RELEASE DATE: 3rd November 2017

A1: Jungle Frontier
A2: Density
B1: Zone & Interzone
B2: Axe Nord-Sud


05 October 2017

LESSONS - Narc Magazine

LESSONS - the forthcoming 10th anniversary compilation on the FRONT & FOLLOW label, featuring WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY "Tom at the Library" - gets a nice review at NARC

30 September 2017


The latest BALAMII RADIO show is now available to stream on MixCloud. J TIJN vs WNCL, 2 hours, b2b, 140bpm all the way...

29 September 2017


This Saturday on BALAMII RADIO. I will be going back to back with J. TIJN for a 2 hours, 140bpm soundclash...

22 September 2017

BALAMII - 140bpm Soundclash

Coming to an online radio station near you soon...

13 September 2017

2nd SUN - Quiteus

"Their previous releases were kinda modish deep-house-teetering-on-techno, remixed by Ben Pearce and West Norwood Cassette Library if that gives you an idea.."

2nd SUN have a new 6 track cassette release on BLUE TAPES and a nice little review over at THE QUIETUS, including a blink-and-you-miss-it fleeting mention of the WNCL Remix from the duo's 2016 vinyl release for YOUNGBLOODS.

A flimsy enough excuse for me to re-plug the 12", still available on the label's Bandcamp page

08 September 2017


"...Dee’s section is typically foot-down techno, enough to blow the cobwebs from anyone listening.
It is Bob Bhamra himself that makes this set so good, however. The first section stays heavy in honour of the guest, with sprinklings of subdued hardcore and well-timed pauses for air..."

CRACK magazine's 5 MIXES YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS WEEK included the latest WNCL show for BALAMII RADIO featuring a guest mix from Manni Dee. Read all about at CRACK and check out the show on MIXCLOUD

07 September 2017


C.E.O was the guest on THEM's show on Radar Radio last night. Catch the interview and mix which contains plenty of sneak previews of C.E.O's forthcoming release on new WNCL sub-label, LIBRARY TOOL KIT

03 September 2017

WNCL031 - Juno Download

"...a paranoid and stupefying experience"

WNCL031 now available digitally on JUNO DOWNLOAD

02 September 2017

WNCL031 - Hardwax

"Bouncy & tough jacking, fresh UK House set"

WNCL031 now available at HARDWAX

01 September 2017

WNCL031 - Bandcamp

WNCL031 now available on vinyl (+ free mp3s) and all the usual digital formats on the WNCL Bandcamp page...