11 March 2009

DATA 70 - MySpace

The DATA 70 MySpace site has been updated and now features HERE 'TIS and SOMETHING FOR NOW - extracts from the forthcoming SPACE LOOPS VOLUME THREE. This will be released as a 16 track, double 7", gatefold album on ENRAPTURED RECORDS. More news as we get it

08 March 2009

PODCAST - More Dubstep

As well as trying to catch up with the blog, I've also been dusting down the WNCL PODCAST. I'm back with a best of the rest of 2008. The track list was selected alphabetically, partly out of laziness but proved to be quite an interesting challenge. Hopefully more podcasts to come in less than 6 months time. Download here


JONNY MUGWUMP has been showing some support for DATA 70 by featuring tracks from the Space Loops series on his Saturday night radio show, EXOTIC PYLON on RESONANCE 104.4FM. We'll be doing an interview and playing some tunes on his April 25th show. Nice one, Jonny!


DOCTOR J is a dubstep DJ from Texas and resident on internet radio station SUB FM. He's been giving CL RIDDIM a lot of support on his show. Download his shows here. Thank you, Doctor!


I've got a bit of catching up to do...Back in October 2008 BLOGARIDDIMS presented it's 50th and last podcast. GUTTERBREAKZ (yes, him again!), contributed a 6 minute collage featuring snippets of DATA 70 "Ping Pong" and NO.1 ASTRONAUT "Low Battery Casio (Part 3)", amongst loads of other bits. Check it here. As always, big thanks to Mr Gutta