13 July 2008


HARD FORMAT is a beautiful design blog that has been...

"...set up to celebrate our love of brilliant music-related design. That means we’re going to focus on records, CDs, cassettes and their like. However, Hard Format isn’t intended to become a dusty museum devoted exclusively to past glories, though there’ll certainly be some of that, we also want to highlight the brilliant new design work being produced right now"

They have recently featured the artwork for Data70's SPACE LOOPS series after spotting them on the GUTTERBREAKZ blog

12 July 2008


ROBOTRONIC RADIO are currently hosting a show called THE DEPOT which describes itself as...

A forray into the finest experimental pop music, past and present. Short mixed segments meld genre classifications into insignificance, all bound loosely with brief cassette-recorded gurgles courtesy of your host who can't toast, Saucy Jack.

The June show features NO.1 ASTRONAUT - Heartbeats Per Minute from the AT HOME WITH NO.1 ASTRONAUT LP, available for free download from BLEEPFIEND

07 July 2008

PLASTIC SOUL - Three on More4

PLASTIC SOUL is me and my old friend Paul Bateman. He sold me a dodgy guitar when I was 18 and we've never looked back.

Over the years, we've lent the name to a variety of projects, including drum & bass (Brand New Heavy 12" on L Double's Flex Records), "psychedelic jazz" (Plastic Jam 7" on Strawberry Recording Co.) and as House DJs during the late 90's (mainly in The End's back room at the For Your Pleasure parties).

Sometime in 1999, we recorded the unreleased Three Degrees E.P, featuring 2 slightly odd House tracks (InSoul8 and Moodibloo) and a sort-of-breakbeat track called Three. The latter has just found it's way on a More4 advert.

The advert will be screened at 9.20pm, Tuesday 8th July, More4. I'm not sure how much of the track you can actually hear and we are in no way responsible for the talking heads that feature, honest. You can hear / see it on the YouTube clip below:

05 July 2008

DATA70 - RoTA, Notting Hill

DATA70 have been invited to spin some records at RoTA (Records of the Afternoon), Notting Hill Arts Club on Saturday 19th July. The event is hosted by psychedelic music download store and record label, NORTHERN STAR RECORDS from 4-8pm.

There will also be live music courtesy of THE ZEN CIRCUS, THE NOVA SAINTS, SAY, SATSANGI and a DJ set from LOST MUSIC.

We've been told we can play whatever we like, so don't expect any space loops!