22 June 2013


All day midsummer terrace party at the Clubhouse in Brixton today. I'll be playing for an hour inside the venue at 10.30pm. More details here

20 June 2013


BBC6 MUSIC have been supporting various projects this month.

4th June Gideon Coe's show featured DATA70's "Hey Summer", from the forthcoming "SPACE LOOPS: The Complete Sessions" compilation CD (although the evidence suggests this was played off vinyl...at the wrong speed!)

12th June Gideon Coe again, this time dropping WNCL "What's Going On (Stuff Is Happening)" from the in-your-shops-now COLLISION/DETECTION box set CD on the Front and Follow label.

19th June Lauren Laverne bigging up the aforementioned DATA 70 release and playing "The Golden Age of Space Travel"

20th June ...Mr. Coe played more from the DATA 70 album ("Into The Outside" and "Here 'Tis") in his mid-summer show, where he attempted to cram in as many "under 2 minutes" records into one show as possible

God bless Auntie Beeb...

J TIJN - Hyponik Mix


J TIJN in the mix for HYPONIK this month, kicking off with a soon-come WNCL track, And there will be a little soon-come material from Mr. Tijn too - watch this space...

   Hyp 133: J. Tijn by Hyponik

14 June 2013


Amsterdam gang - see you on the beach tomorrow! I'm playing for Audio Culture / Boston Strip at 9pm. Looks like you might need to bring an umbrella...

Full details of the Costa Del Soul 2013  festival over at RESIDENT ADVISOR

08 June 2013

GUEST MIX - The Daily Street


This month, West Norwood Cassette Library graces our mixtape series, providing us with a vinyl only homage to the legendary Relief Records ... Taking the opportunity to display his love for Relief Records, WNCL has compiled this 22 track vinyl only mix that showcases his personal favourites from the back catalogue.

The mix itself gets a little loose in places, but that’s partly expected these days whenever someone does a vinyl mix and has no digital mixing aids. In the words of WNCL himself, it’s a “slightly bumpy, warts and all approach”. In an age where people often submit mixes made in Ableton so that they are technically perfect, it’s refreshing to occasionally ‘hear’ someone mixing.

01. Green Velvet – Preacher Man (Intro)
02. Paul Johnson – Soft Spot
03. Joe Lewis – I Can’t Get (Get, Get)
04. DJ Sneak – Flip It
05. Trackhead Steve – Grunt
06. Louis Bell – Cross Over
07. Lester Fitzpatrick – Mental Hardware
08. Markey – Transmission
09. Mike Pierce – Assembly Line
10. Random Access DJ Tools Vol.IV – Muzik Box (Parts 1 and 2)
11. Bidi – Rock
12. L.A. Williams – Put Me In A Groove
13. Joe Lewis – House Beat ’95
14. Willpower – Mo Sax
15. Lester Fitzpatrick – Bird Song
16. DJ Rush – Playin’ Kinda Rough
17. Green Velvet – Untitled (aka Fake and Phoney)
18. Jellybean – Twighlight Dome Pt. 2
19. GU – Slam’em Mutha’s
20. Random Access DJ Tools Vol.II – Action
21. Vincent Floyd – E-Flat Groove
22. Paul Johnson – Y’all Stole Them Dances


   TDS Mix 033: West Norwood Cassette Library by The Daily Street


BENJAMIN DAMAGE, a Cassette Library fave for some time now, recently featured on BENJI B's Radio 1 show, turning in a guest mix featuring trax from WNCL artists Bobby Champs and Kamikaze Space Programme...

STREAM the interview and mix over at BBC Radio 1 while you can
DOWNLOAD the mix at SoundCloud

   Benjamin Damage - Benji B Radio 1 Guestmix by BenjaminDamage

05 June 2013

WNCL014 - RA Review

WNCL014 reviewed today over at RESIDENT ADVISOR

ORDER (VINYL + Free mp3 Bundle): BANDCAMP


SPATIAL - Phonica Chart


SPATIAL, star of WNCL014, presents his current faves over at PHONICA RECORDS this week...

ORDER (VINYL + Free mp3 Bundle): BANDCAMP

02 June 2013

BOX SET - Collision/Detection

FRONT AND FOLLOW will be issuing a 2 CD boxed set, gathering up all 9 digital EP's released in their COLLISION/DETECTION series.

The limited first edition also includes a bonus digital album containing new tracks by the contributors and the original sound clips which started the series.

EPs come from Psychological Strategy Board (Jonny Mugwump and Time Attendant), West Norwood Cassette Library, The Lord, Hong Kong in the 60s, BLK TAG, Kemper Norton, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Isnaj Dui and Sone Institute.

Release date is 17th June but you can pre-order direct from the label HERE

Online review over at FREQ