26 May 2016

PRMF - Video

The official video for the Peckham Rye Music Festival...

18 May 2016

PRMF - Mixcloud

For those of you who missed it, my set at last weekend's PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL was recorded by BALAMII RADIO and is available to stream now on MIXCLOUD

17 May 2016

PRMF - Shouts

"...The awesome sound that Junk Son created on stage and the ethereal beautifulness of Wyles & Simpson, were prefect punctuation for West Norwood Cassette Library and Mickey Pearce’s blistering sets..."

Shouts out to the PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL crew for last weekend's debut shindig. Get the lowdown HERE

14 May 2016



I'll be down there on Saturday. Come and say hello!

EVENT: Peckham Rye Music Festival
DATE: Saturday 14th May
TIME: 9-10.30pm
VENUE: Level 1, Bussey Building, Peckham Rye

13 May 2016

JUNO CHART - May 2016

I'm getting worse at keeping up with my Juno Charts, particularly this blog review business. Which is OK because I suspect nobody's reading. But just in case...

You can listen to the whole thing HERE


1. JAMES DUNCAN . Brooklyn Beats Vol.1 (WNCL Recordings)
Any surprises that the latest release on WNCL made it to the number one spot on the WNCL chart? I  thought not. Listen to the clips and you'll hear why...

2. JUS JUST . Power (Misterio)
Misterio back on the mentalist gospel rant tip. One sided perfection.


3. BYRON THE AQUARIUS . High Life EP (Sound Signature)
Run Sa on the flip is my choice and the perfect soundtrack for some live drum astral travelling


4. BLAWAN . The Communicat 1022 EP (Ternesc)
Track 3, Lit Up Communicat, throws up a pleasantly soulful surpirse on this third insallment of Ternesc releases. My favourite in the series to date


5. MSLWTE . E121 EP (Orbis)
I heard clips of this on Sunil Sharpe's excellent Quarterly Crate review on YouTube. Track 2 is a fine slice of heavy heavy funk.


6. DEGO . Dego & The 2000 Black Family (Neroli)
A great schizophrenic package here. The A side's dripping with soul but it's great to hear Dego getting gnarly again with some dirt on the flipside


7. J CHOIRBOY / BEANER . Altar Ego EP (La Mission)
La Mission clearly on a roll right now. I would have thought I'd have plumped for the rave-tastic, breaks heavy lead cut but it's actually the chunky edit that closes the EP that wins it for me this time.

8. CHRISSY . The Right To Dance With Somebody (La Mission)
More La Mission goodies. Chrissy supplies the launch release for the Beans edit series with a seriously killer (and apt) A side cut.


9. SIMON WEISS . Tele Vision (Voyage Direct)
Conjures up warm nostalgic feelings from the golden days of pirate radio - I could almost be listening to Fantasy FM circa 89-90


10. J. TIJN . Half Empty Half Full EP (WNCL Recordings)
This month I couldn't quite muster up 10 brand new records that I liked enough to actually buy so I'm throwing my hat in again for the latest J Tijn release (again)


12 May 2016


Last week's guest spot for Joe Robert's ECSTACY GARAGE DISCO show on MeatTransmission Radio is now available to stream on MIXCLOUD.

06 May 2016


TOMORROW (Saturday 7th May 2016)

I will be in the guest mix hot seat for the ECSTACY GARAGE DISCO show on MEATtransMISSION radio, hosted by JOE ROBERTS, from 4-6pm, playing selections from the WNCL Recordings back catalogue.

The inimitable West Norwood Cassette Library will be joining me from 4-6pm tomorrow on MEATtransMISSION radio. Longtime fan of his work, as well as the label, the West Norwood area, cassettes and libraries so it should be a corker.
Joe Roberts, E.G.D 

TUNE IN: http://www.meattransmission.com/


GLENN MIDDLEDITCH is interviewed for LET'S BE BRIEF, discussing the PECKHAM RYE MUSIC FESTIVAL (I'll see you at the Bussey Building on Saturday 14th May) - also dropping in a nice little plug for VERSO BOOKS "Trans" by Juliet Jacques. Cheers Glenn!

You can read all about it HERE