18 December 2012


Yes, that's right, the DON FROTH fan club is back to let you know of the main man's latest guest mix and interview, this time for DUMMY magazine...

Meanwhile, there's some fine praise for his recent SONIC ROUTER mixtape over at TRUANTS

... and check out the review of his REflex EP on UNO over at RESIDENT ADVISOR

15 December 2012

JUNO PLUS - Best Sleeves

JUNO PLUS squeeze in a mention for the WNCL011 cover artwork in their recent round up of Best Record Sleeves...

... the first 12″ on West Norwood Cassette Library 2.0 was an exercise in stylistic simplicity


BOBBY CHAMPS - a firm favourite over at Cassette Library HQ is on mixtape duty this week for URB magazine. You'll find the latest WNCL offering from KEVIN McPHEE in amongst the impeccable track list.

Watch this space for more news on future Champs / WNCL business in 2013. Oh yes.

WNCL005VIP - Milyoo

Once upon a time, Kentucky's finest, MILYOO, released the mighty fine BIOGRAM v2 on WNCL Recordings.

As part of the press campaign, we forced him to grow a moustache, pack up his most exclusive reel to reels and perform to an imaginary room of thousands at the Cassette Library.

The recording was once available as a free download from FACT magazine but it looks like the original link died as a result of the website's recent update.

But don't worry if you missed out the first time round as you can now download MILYOO - L!VE AT THE CASSETTE LIBRARY from the KNOW YOUR OWN site

12 December 2012


LEISUREWARE - DJ, promoter, blogger and part of the FILL YER BOOTS crew (a regular 'go to' site here at Cassette Library HQ) comes correct with this guest mix over at FEEL MY BICEP this week.

11 December 2012

BEN UFO - Versions 1

I completely missed this interview with BEN UFO from earlier in the year.

An eagle-eyed Cassette Library trainspotter (obviously after my own heart) pointed out the WNCL headed notepaper on Mr. UFO's bedroom wall! Fame at last...

VERSIONS 1: BEN UFO from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

08 December 2012

WNCL012 - Truants

TRUANTS have some nice things to say about the return of Kevin McPhee and his new release on WNCL