23 September 2013


BOXWORK is getting busy - he's playing at Fabric on 22nd November and has a fantastic 3 tracker coming out soon on Well Rounded Housing Projects

Right now, you can grab the mixtape he's just unleashed for Southport Weekender, featuring West Norwood Cassette Library's "Bubble" (forthcoming Hypercolour) in the tracklist...

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SUNRAY - Take Me There

SUNRAY (aka Jon Chambers aka the other half of DATA70) release a new 7" single on Jon's own STRAWBERRY RECORDING Co. imprint.

A side, TAKE ME THERE is described as a "...head-spinning slice of psych pop" but, for my money, the real treat is GOLDEN DAWN, on the flip, which sees Jon getting his acoustic and orchestral freak on.

...and if you squint at the front cover, that's yours truly behind the drum stool!

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14 September 2013

WNCL016 - Resident Advisor

"...his first outing for WNCL shows a subtler side, his austere techno mellowed by—whisper it—melodies..."

RESIDENT ADVISOR give the new J Tijn EP the 4/5 treatment...

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09 September 2013

DON FROTH - Tunnel Vision

DON FROTH, long time cassette library family member, recently had his wonderful Re-flex EP released digitally on UNO records. When the vinyl didn't surface, the Don took things in his own hands and prepared something special for his own FROTH'N imprint.

Froth offers up two new mixes of REFLEX and TUNNEL VISION with remixes of each track, respectively, from Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and West Norwood Cassette Library.


GEIOM - Wigflex Mix

GEIOM repping some of the latest WNCL releases in his new mix for the WIGFLEX crew

07 September 2013


WIFEY host the latest West Norwood Cassette Library guest mix

Bob’s flawless mix for us is driven by a jacking house groove weaving its way throughout. Along its path it bumps into everything from bossa nova to bassy techno, via fragments of classic soul, acid and library music. Despite the unique mix of flavours Bob brings, he never lets go of the pulse for long. It’s a set we won’t get bored of any time soon.

Read all about it at WIFEY
Stream it at MIXCLOUD
Download it HERE

TRACKLIST 1. THE SMALL FACES . Happiness Stan (Intro) (Immediate)
2. COLE MEDINA . House Feels So Good (Licorice Delight)
3. JURNY . Only When I’m Dreaming (No More Hits)
4. ANTHONY NAPLES . Faceless (RAD)
5. VAX 1 . It’s All I Can Give (Les Disques Superfriends)
6. J. TIJN . Flat (forthcoming WNCL Recordings)
7. ULTRAMARINE . Passwords (forthcoming Real Soon)
8. ENSEMBLE SCALECTRIK . Pharaos Groove (Fat Cat)
9. MM / KM . Bust A Move (Trilogy Tapes)
10. AQUARIAN FOUNDATION . Mystery Track (Going Good)
11. ZENWAN . Behold a Pale Horse (Dubplate)
12. SYCLOPS . Jump Bugs (Running Back)
13. ASUSU . Velez (Livity Sound)
14. GOLDFFINCH . The Volume (Saigon)
15. RUMAH . Stutter (Church)
16. CEO . Kannit (Dubplate)
17. DELROY EDWARDS . White Owl (L.I.E.S)
18. ANTHONY SHAKE SHAKIR . Drummer Downstairs (Fit Sound)
20. PANGAEA . Viaduct (Hadal)
21. WEST NORWOOD CASSETTE LIBRARY . Bubble (forthcoming Hypercolour)
22. ARTO MWAMBE . Btwo (Permanent Vacation)


It's a fact...

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WNCL016 - Digital

WNCL016 is now available as a digital release. Also check the following...

J Tijn's top picks at WASABEAT
J Tijn's latest mixtape for DSNT

WNCL016 - DJ Mag

The latest printed issue of DJ magazine ran not one but two reviews of the J TIJN EP on WNCL Recordings.

"...out of nowhere he instantly makes everything OK in the world"
Bass reviews page

"Much like a castrated pitbull, this EP may look on first glance like a terrifying beast..."
Dubstep reviews page 

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